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At current ANANAS does not have a native desktop or mobile app, the platform is optimised to run in your preferred web browser on laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile devices - wherever you view the platform, we optimise so you are sure to get the best browsing experience

Ananas DOES HOWEVER offer a Progressive Web App (PWA) that offers a number of benefits to you as a user

ANANAS PWA on desktop

Depending on your browser and OS, the process may differ slightly

Installing the ANANAS PWA allows you to run the app from a standalone icon, in a dedicated window free of distraction. 

The instructions here are based on Chrome for Mac but other browsers will have a similar process. We recommend Chrome for security and experience - The web app IS NOT available to Firefox users

Navigate to sign in at in your preferred browser.  from your browser settings ( ) you can Install Ananas App...

You can then add the app shortcut to your dock or start menu giving you quick and easy access to the ANANAS anytime!

You can install the ANANAS PWA on mobile devices, as described here

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