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If you do not have an ANANAS Business account, email to set up and use ANANAS for free, until at least August 1st.

We don't expect you need any introduction to Novel Coronavirus or the effects it has had on the global hospitality industry...

With hospitality venues and public spaces across the world starting to slowly re-open, the focus has shifted from simply preventing the spread, to fighting for businesses to stay alive and re-open.

Our first response was to freeze our subscription costs for existing users then in the last few days, we have opened up the platform for free to any business who wants to use the coming months to restructure or organise their training program with our platform. We promise to keep the platform free for all until at least August 1st 2020. If forced closures are still in place, we will work month to month to keep our service free, for as long as we can and as long as venues remain closed. 

So, if you are a business who has not yet taken advantage of our free product, email now to get involved.

Staying afloat, in rough seas

In this blog, we can not cover the myriad of fluctuating regulation across the globe as the information is too vast and too changing to remain useful for long.

What we can discuss here is how you can optimise your procedures and policies to ensure that when your business re-opens, it can do so as smoothly as possible and that your staff are up-skilled and better trained to be able to maximise profit. 

So... check our first instalment here - You must be signed in and have an active or trialing ANANAS Business account to view.

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