We've added some new features to the course builder for ANANAS Business users.

You'll see these new features when you create new training or edit any existing courses.

Course Images

You can now upload a cover image for your courses that will be displayed on your user's dashboards. To avoid distortion, use square images no larger than 200x200px

Course sections

Break up lessons into sections to make it easier for users to navigate, especially around larger courses. Course sections can be dragged and dropped along with lessons from within the Edit Course feature.

Add Text/Picture

In addition to building courses using PDF pages, you can now directly type content and add images as lessons. Basic HTML tags that may be used are noted in the dialogue.

Preview Course

An exciting addition that allows admin users to preview how a course will appear to users prior to publishing. You can use this feature to make sure your course looks great and proof your content before enrolling your team.

Also included in this release:

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