• Fixed error that prevented some ANANAS courses loading

  • Fixed error that prevents viewing of some ANANAS recipes

  • Prevent multiple password reset codes being generated - AN-82

  • Fixed issue where invalid numbers could be entered in 'days to complete' on internal training courses - AN-291

  • Fixes to Google & Facebook logins and pixel - AN-254, 296

  • Fixed error where some users enrolled in wrong venue

  • Profile skills matched to new ANANAS courses - AN-260

  • Multiple pages refactored to improve speed and reliability - AN-245, 244 & 242

  • Introduction of course purchases without requirement to log in - AN-184

  • Prevent instability where multiple ANANAS users share a device - AN-298

  • Fixed incorrect Internal course compliance on Venue Dashboard for some users - AN-292

Also included in this release:

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