How do I install the Ananas mobile app?

How do I use Ananas on my mobile device

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Ananas offers a Progressive Web App (PWA) that boast a number of benefits to you, as a user

Install Ananas PWA on a mobile

When you first sign in to, on a mobile device, you may see a message to Add Ananas to Home screen; If you do not see the message, you can add from your Chrome browser settings ( ) or from the Upload / Share icon from within Safari on iOS. 

Note: The web app IS NOT available to Firefox users

This adds the Ananas icon to your home screen with other apps, allowing quick and easy access to the platform. 

You can install the Ananas PWA on a desktop or laptop, as described here

At current Ananas does not have a native desktop or mobile app, the platform is optimised to run in your preferred web browser on laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile devices - wherever you view the platform, we optimise, so you are sure to get the best browsing experience

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