Customisable Courses

Internal Training courses that can be customised to suit your business

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Contact your account manager or email for pricing and to add any of the following course templates to your organisation.

All courses cover industry best practices and can be customised to specifically fit your business needs.

20+ Lessons | apx 45mins Click to preview

Policies, procedures and practices for managing a safe working environment

10+ Lessons | apx 20mins Click to preview

This short module addresses some of the common questions asked by guests about our venue

15+ Lessons | apx 30mins Click to preview

Each and every beverage should be served uniformly at our business. Learn the correct glassware, garnish and measurements for our common serves

10+ Lessons | apx 30mins Click to preview

Understanding allergies and dietaries is a vital part of service that, in extreme cases, can mean life or death

15+ Lessons | apx 45mins Click to preview

We don't always make everything perfect the first time. Understanding how to recover a guest's experience can turn a frustrated customer into a loyal regular

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