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What is the difference between Ananas training courses and Internal training courses?

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Internal training v Ananas training

Ananas allows venues to host, allocated and report on two different types of training
โ€‹Ananas courses cover universal industry knowledge on subjects such as product knowledge, techniques, service skills and more. These are transferable skills that are almost unanimous across the industry. We have hundreds of hours of existing content that can be assigned to staff.

Internal trainings are courses that are specific and unique to your business. These would likely include compliance pieces such as OH&S/WHS, Company Policies, Induction, Local Area Knowledge and, of cause, service learning such as food and drink menus. Creating training is easy with our custom course builder and we provide a selection of templates to help get you started. We understand that many businesses are time-poor and even though onboarding is essential for any business, it can often fall by the wayside; that's why we can also custom build courses specifically for your venues.


Hosting your training and induction on Ananas makes onboarding new staff and upskilling existing staff a breeze. Trainings are tagged to venues and roles and pushed out to staff automatically when they arrive in your business or change position

Some examples of courses we can help you build include:

  • Venue Frequently Asked Questions

  • COVID Policies

  • WHS

  • Allergy Management

  • Complaints / Service Recovery

A more detailed article on setting up and maintaining your internal training courses is available here

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