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ANANAS offers curated learning from some of the very best in the hospitality business. These ANANAS courses cover universal industry knowledge on subjects such as product knowledge, techniques, service skills and more. These are transferable skills that are almost unanimous across the industry. 

There are currently two certifications for FOH hospitality staff available on ANANAS, each containing several courses covering specific areas of learning. Our content is constantly growing and updated to remain accurate and relevant. 

ANANAS | Hospitality fundamentals

We believe that ANANAS: Hospitality fundamentals is a must-have for any hospitality professional to have or aim for. The certificate covers the foundation knowledge needed to work in almost any style of venue

ANANAS | Hospitality professional

ANANAS | Hospitality professional allows you to specialise in the areas that matter to you. Depending on the style of venue you work (or want to work) in, you may choose to cover one or two courses initially before working your way through more learning here

Venue operators can also upload their own, company-specific Training using our Learning Management System (LMS) as shown here

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