What can I learn with ANANAS?

What are the ANANAS Certificates? What subjects and training are covered?

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ANANAS offers two levels of learning for hospitality workers.

ANANAS | Hospitality Fundamentals

Our Fundamentals Certificate covers everything a hospitality worker needs to know to stay ahead, whether working in a neighbourhood bar, nightclub, restaurant or even a cellar door.

ANANAS: Hospitality fundamentals is a must-have for any hospitality professional to have or aim for.

If you are starting out in hospitality, Fundamentals gets you up to speed on everything from table skills to wine and spirit knowledge. If you have a few years under your belt, you can use our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) quiz to quickly add certifications to your profile sharing with colleagues & employers to verify your skills.

ANANAS | Hospitality Professional

ANANAS | Hospitality professional allows you to specialise in the areas that matter to you. Depending on the style of venue you work (or want to work) in, you may choose to cover one or two courses initially before working your way through more learning.

Check out some examples of ANANAS learning

Downloading your ANANAS credentials

Once you have passed each course, click Get Diploma to download your PDF certification.

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