Please note - As of 10th August 2020, ANANAS Basic and Intermediate Certificate for Bar and Waitstaff has been superseded by Hospitality fundamentals and Hospitality professional.

There are currently two certifications for FOH hospitality staff available on Ananas, each containing several courses covering specific areas of learning. Our content is constantly growing and updated to remain accurate and relevant.
After each course, you can test your knowledge. Passing the course testing will show your skill as verified on your profile. These scores remain with you forever; if you work at, or apply for work with a venue that uses ANANAS, your skills will be visible as a testament to your hospitality prowess!

ANANAS | Hospitality fundamentals

We believe that ANANAS: Hospitality fundamentals is a must-have for any hospitality professional to have or aim for. The certificate covers the foundation knowledge needed to work in almost any style of venue

ANANAS | Hospitality professional

ANANAS | Hospitality professional allows you to specialise in the areas that matter to you. Depending on the style of venue you work (or want to work) in, you may choose to cover one or two courses initially before working your way through more learning here

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Downloading your ANANAS credentials

There are two types of credentials available:

ANANAS Diplomas are awarded on completion of each Professional course. Once complete, click Get Diploma to download.

ANANAS Diplomas are NOT available for individual Fundamentals


ANANAS Certifications are awarded once ALL courses in either the Fundamentals or Professional certificate are passed.

A downloadable certification will appear on your profile page. Click to open and download the certificate (if the certificate does not open, you need to permit pop-ups for our site).

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