ANANAS for hospitality individuals

How can ANANAS help me as a bar / restaurant worker?

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ANANAS is a comprehensive learning platform, teaching hospitality staff the skills that employers look for
We were founded and curated by some of the industries leading hospitality professionals and used by top bar operators around the world, to train and hire award-winning staff

World-class learning resources

ANANAS has collated the most important skills information that employers look for; researched detailed knowledge of cocktail history, beer wine and spirit production and scoured thousands of historical references to ensure you have most accurate information to hand.
Our training is presented in text, video and detailed infographics to ensure, no matter what your learning style, the information is easy to digest

Prove your knowledge to your current and future employer

Taking the short tests associated with each learning module lets you verify your knowledge, showing off your skill to help you land your next dream job or promotion


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