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ANANAS for Business is more than just another training platform, it was created by hospitality venue operators with experience and knowledge of all the industries intricacies

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We are a training, recruitment, onboarding and staff management solution, MADE for the hospitality industry

We know that onboarding takes time and high staff turnover makes investing in training frustrating

We understand trained staff are hard to come by

We get that managers are often time and resource-poor

Centralised training & onboarding

ANANAS allows businesses to centralise all training. Existing company training can be uploaded in a flash using our learning management system.
Managers can assign training based on job role, venue & department and set a required time to complete. By adding testing to training you ensure staff are compliant and highlight any areas for improvement.
Built-in recipe management also allows for the centralised deployment, training and testing on new and existing menus for cocktail focused bars.

Exceptional industry-standard knowledge

Unlike many other professional trades, there are very few recognised accreditations for service staff. This means that recruitment is often based entirely on time-consuming interviews and verbal references. ANANAS has 100's of hours of industry training curated by some of the most knowledgeable in the business, from basic service through to advanced spirit and wine knowledge.
By setting a baseline for new and existing staff, you can be assured of verified knowledge through certification with ANANAS. This allows you to pre-vet applicants and supports the interview process, reducing interview time and increasing the standard of new recruits. It also allows you to offer a huge resource and development library for your current team.
Certification is free to individual users and remains with their profile regardless of where they work

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