Hospitality Fundamentals
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ANANAS | Hospitality Fundamentals features learning that anyone working in licensed hospitality venues, should learn early in their career.

From the ethos of service and staying healthy in hospitality through to basic skills from tray carrying to effective order taking. Our Beer Wine Spirits and Cocktail courses are perfect introductions or refreshers to those working in businesses with specific focuses.

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60+ Lessons | 3 Videos | apx 1.5hrs

The first stop for anyone in hospitality. From cafe to fine dining; this course teaches the fundamentals of the industry, common roles, typical areas of the venue, health and hygiene

60+ Lessons | 13 Videos | apx 2hrs

Focusing on foodservice venues but a foundation skill for every hospitality professional. Learn styles of service, body language & communicating with guests, handling orders, table skills and more

60+ Lessons | 18 Videos | apx 2hrs

The core skills required for working in licensed hospitality venues. Explore typical areas of the bar and cellar, common glassware and equipment, opening and closing procedures and detailed guides to round building and serving beer, wine and mixed drinks

25+ Lessons | 6 Videos | apx 1hrs

Beer is one of the world's most popular alcoholic beverages. Explore the key styles and flavour profiles, how to pour & serve and basic cellar skills such as changing kegs

50+ Lessons | 7 Videos | apx 2hrs

This course focuses on the sometimes intimidating world of wine. Learn the key varietals & styles, old v new world, the basics of production and, of cause, how to serve different wines

90+ Lessons | 20 Videos | apx 4hrs

Learn the basics of spirit production and how these apply to the major spirit categories

150+ Lessons | 42 Videos | apx 5hrs

Learn how to mix like a pro: Whether you work in a pub or neighbourhood bar, being able to mix a selection of classic cocktails is an important BUT fun skill to master.

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