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The courses in the Hospitality Professional certificate are created with specialist bars and restaurants in mind.

If you work in or operate a cocktail bar, wine-focused dining room or specialist spirit venue, there is a course that will help you and your team understand the products you sell, make informed recommendations & upsell and improve the guest experience.

Link to ANANAS Hospitality Fundamentals course at bottom of this of page

55+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | Top 10 beer styles | apx 2.5 hrs

Explore, identify and describe flavour characteristics as we ride through the exciting world of beer. Dig deep into how beer is made and the key brewing regions of the world

90+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | apx 3 hrs

Get ready to discover the main varieties & varietals, well-known blends, the service of wine; including how to identify and deal with faulty wine

60+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | To | apx 2.5 hrs

'Taste the stars' in this course on sparkling wine. A focus on the history, production and serving of champagne as well as prosecco and cava and other variants

250+ Lessons | 4 hrs+ Video Lessons | 50+ Classic Cocktails | apx 7 hrs

The origins of cocktail culture and the seven 'Cocktail Generations'. Recipes and 'How-to' videos for over 50 key classic and well-known contemporary cocktails

40+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | 13 Key brands | apx 2 hrs

The world's biggest-selling spirit. Despite amazing popularity, vodka remains misunderstood by many. We dispel the myths and help you understand this important category

55+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | 17 Key brands | apx 2.5 hrs

Gin is in huge growth around the world. A cornerstone of classic and modern cocktail culture. Learn the history, production, styles and must know drinks for this popular category

125+ Lessons | 45+ Key brands | apx 3 hrs

Learn the history of distilling in Australia that has led to a recent explosion of gin. Know the key brands and native botanicals that make them unique - The ultimate guide to Australian gin

70+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | 13 Key brands | apx 2.5 hrs

One of the world's most versatile and diverse spirits. Learn all you need to know about production, history, styles & key characteristics and how to serve rum in a variety of fun cocktails

140+ Lessons | 60min+ Video Lessons | 40+ Key brands | apx 5 hrs

Learn all about whisky. This course focuses on Scotch whiskies plus other key regions, such as Ireland, Japan and Australia

60+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | 8 Key brands | apx 2.5 hrs

Focused on bourbon but also delve into important styles such as rye, corn and wheat whiskies. Learn about production, history and must-know cocktails

100+ Lessons | 5 Key styles | apx 3 hrs

Often hailed as the king of spirits, brandy is a diverse and interesting spirit and deserves every bartender's attention.

This course covers the history and production processes of cognac, armagnac, pisco, calvados and other brandies

55+ Lessons | 30min+ Video Lessons | 13 Key brands | apx 2.5 hrs

Learn there’s more to agave spirits than salt, lime and a ‘worm’ while discovering the rich history of mezcal and tequila

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