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Release addresses know bugs and improvements

AN-530 - Venue Dashboard now sorted alphabetically

AN 522 - Address user logging out issue.

AN-533 - Improve UI for Impos users

AN-532 - Improve UI for all users (jobs)

AN-535 - Add default image for internal training courses

AN-531 - Added Brand Academy for Impos customers

AN-525 - Improve Stripe payment service

AN-456 - All new RichText editing in course builder

AN-455 - Permit Hyperlinking in course builder

Supplemental update 05/12/21 to address caching issues across browsers

  • Allow app updates to be pushed without clearing browser cache - AN541 / AN536

  • Allow editing of organisation name and logo from venue dashboard - AN534

  • Improve recipes feature - AN540 / AN474

  • Improvement to testing feature - AN529

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