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Download data in CSV reports, to harness the raw data in ANANAS

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Reports is a feature available to Organisation Admins subscribed to our ANANAS Professional plan.

This feature allows the export of raw data via CSV which can be used to import into other applications or to create customised reporting, using software such as Excel or Google Sheets.

To access Reports, sign in to ANANAS and navigate to the Dashboard > Exportable Reports.

A breakdown of currently available reports is below.

Assigned Courses

This report covers all assigned courses across your organisation. Useful sorting methods include by Course Group, Location/Venue, assigned time to complete, assigned roles, published status and expiry. You can also check average scores and current compliance.

This report can be used to understand the workload being applied to your teams and understand any gaps or overloading.

Entries are by location, so where a course is assigned at multiple locations/venues, you will see a unique ROW for each location


Course Name, Course Group, Job Roles, Venue/Location, Creation Date, Assigned time to complete, Course Expiry, Published Y/N, Average Score, Compliance

Example dataset

Course Engagement

Easily see who has started a course, how much of the content (per cent) they have viewed and if they have passed the course. You may select a single or all courses, and both internal and ANANAS courses can be reported on.

This report only shows CURRENTLY ENROLLED employees


Organisation Name, Course Name, Course Group, Employee Name, email, Progress (% course viewed), Date course started, Course Passed?

Example dataset

Course Remuneration

If courses have been assigned a remuneration value (dollar, time or points), this can be exported via this report for use in external loyalty programs or payroll.

This report shows all remuneration data, including unpublished and deleted courses and employees no longer enrolled.

Remuneration can only be gained ONCE. Multiple attempts at a course will NOT multiply remuneration values


Email, Name, Course Name, Course Score, Date Passed, Remuneration Values.

Employee Report (Active)

See all employees currently assigned to your organisation. Where users are assigned to more than one venue, additional rows for each will be shown.


Employee Name, email, Mobile Number, Venue, Job Roles, Admin Status, Enrolled Date

Example dataset

Employee Report (LifeTime)

Download all passed and current employees (any employees removed from your organisation prior to 10/06/22 can not be viewed).


Employee Name, email, Mobile Number, Admin Status, Enrolled Date, Active/Removed

Example dataset

Historical Reporting

Where a course is unpublished or deleted, completion data is no longer visible within app dashboards. This report allows admins to access completion data for internal courses, that have been deleted or unpublished. It will not show current data for any completion for currently published courses, this is available within the app.

Select ONE or ALL internal training courses at your organisation to view historical compliance.

Where a user has had multiple attempts at a test, this will be shown across multiple rows


Employee Name, email, Course Name, Venue, Score, Passed, Test Date

Example dataset

Test Result

View results of all tests taken across active employees on ANANAS and internal training. employees that have been removed from your organisation and courses that have been unpublished or deleted are excluded.


Course Name, Employee Name, email, Total Questions, Correctly answered questions, incorrectly answered questions, Test Date, Passed / Failed, time to complete test

Example dataset


View all users who are enrolled in focus courses

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